Sparta's bottomless pit?

@jam14zen (149)
United States
December 15, 2007 9:12am CST
Recently watched this movie. Was wondering if anybody had any theories or even facts about the huge hole in which King Leonidas kicks the Persian messenger down? Is it a huge water well for the city with no guardrails? Or did the Greek Gods place a bottomless pit in the courtyard of Sparta? Perhaps the Spartan's built it themselves for whatever reasons warrior cultures do things? Certainly is a wide, smooth and nicely made pit or well or whatever it may be.
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@jeb083079 (839)
• Philippines
27 Dec 07
It's built for arrogant messengers and enemies. It's there so that they can throw enemies there or just like what the king did, to kick their enemies and let them fall down there. :-)
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• Italy
26 Dec 07
i think it was built just for persians....this is not madness this is sparta
@calicot (256)
• Philippines
19 Dec 07
I dunno if that pit is or has historical basis, maybe for cinematic effects only as over 75% of the whole movie I think are just FXs. If it is true (pit)then I guess its not a waterwell, otherwise, imho they (Spartans) would get sick from the bodies thrown there. But if its a pit of sort, and they do throw their enemies there, I guess it could be deep enough so that the stench of decay will not cause or be smelled by the people and get sick. Please correct me if I wrong. thanks.
@nufxed (5)
• Philippines
1 Apr 08
haha if it was a well tossing people down there to die sounds like a convenient way to poison your own drinking water
• Greece
24 Jan 08
well there was a pit in reality. It was something like a massgrave for hostiles ! They kikcked not only pertsian in there. Even 300 is not acurete but what leonidas says to the messangers is very accurate, that he has to watch out what he is talking because everybody even messengers were responsible for their doings in sparta.