Hidden World

December 15, 2007 3:50pm CST
I have read some David Icke books and he has written some fictions that relevance in the real life like Hidden socities in this world and some Sign languages they use..what do you think is this true that we are living like a matrix or with Aliens kind of people?
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• United States
15 Dec 07
There are numerous Secret Societies in this world such as the Masons, Illuminati, OTO, Astrum Argentum, etc... just to name a few. All of these societies have their own signs, hand shakes, body positions, even a certain type of embrace to greet a fellow of the fold. These type of secret societies have spurned stories throughout time. Look at the DaVince Code, National Treasure, all the thousands of conspiracy theorists and apparently David Icke. How deep these mysteries go I do not know, it may be a "Matrix" situation or it just may be a simple right of passing, it is not up to me to judge. As for Aliens?!? I am convinced that they are out there but weather they have been here or not I do not know. I hope that I have answered this adequatly. HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!
• India
16 Dec 07
Yes and i think there is that All this Aliens thing is 100% true.cause we are not only one who in this galaxy who live on earth..there ARE some solar system like ours and there should be Living thing.. could be like us or something..like..
• United States
16 Dec 07
I am with you completely about aliens out there somewhere. It would be very egotistical to believe that in all of that space out there we are all there is. I could go alot deeper into this but I will simply say that I am convinced that we are not alone in the universe. Thank you for the response and HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!