youngsters avoid their parents

December 16, 2007 1:07am CST
why do young people tend to avoid old children ignore their parents.leave them on their own.parents require their children most when they are old andthat is the time the children throw them out. Why?is it because the children don't need them anymore?What happened to all that LOVE. where has it gone. Friends Help me with the possible answers.
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@jhl930 (3605)
• United States
28 Jan 08
In my opinion, the reason people do this is because by that age the kid's don't want to have the responsibility of their parents. They have their own lives and they forget about the people who raised them. Alot of people today are selfish, and they think about themselves and if they would think(what would it feel like if my children did this to me in 20 yrs)they might reconsider what they are doing!
@bbsr13 (4198)
• India
16 Dec 07
Hello, iamsultan!nowadays it is seen all over the world that the younger generation are not taking care of their parents and becoming more and more self centered,leaving them alone at their old age when they actually need assistance of the is not a healthy sign.the society should take note of this and do something to set things right.the parents are old enough with wide range of experience and capacity to guide the youngsters in right directions during bad times.after all,old is gold.this can be termed as the generation gap,the younger generation would not like the old ideas of their parents and follow their own philosophy.this is why the younger generation usually lead unhappy life,they are always under stress.they neither have regards for the elders nor have love for their children.they concern about themselves only whatsoever.thank you and good luck.