How many time have you lost your cellphone?

December 16, 2007 2:21am CST
I have lost 2 cellphones, changed twice. Is it a hassle for you that you've lost your cellphone? in what way?
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@buster14 (122)
• Fiji
22 Jan 08
hi janus!! I have lost my phone once by forgetting it in a cab... I forgot to pick it up from my side when I got off ther cab which I hired from the airport and it was a blackberry pearl... I am without a phone at present maybe for the last two months or so but Iam enjoying the peace and no hassles!! thanks
@aries_0325 (3060)
• Philippines
19 Jan 08
I don't remember the time I lost my cellphone. But I think there no such time I lost any of my cellphone. Maybe, it break and need to repair.
@williamjisir (22883)
• China
16 Dec 07
Hello janus. There is only one time for me to have lost my cellphone when I was at a local scenic spot at the top of the mountain, taking photos. I left my cellphone on a table and forgot to take it with me when I left. When I was at the foot of the mountain, all of a sudden I thought of my cellphone and went back there to find that it had already been gone, leaving me feeling so upset. I will never lose my cellphone again as I am now much more careful with my new cellphone. Thanks for your discussion, dear friend.
@nichole1983 (1187)
• Canada
16 Dec 07
i have never lost my cellphone... only upgraded them when they broke