Do u prefer online shopping or in-store shopping?

December 16, 2007 5:53am CST
i like online shopping. it's very convenient. i needn't step out of the room. and the price on line is lower than that in shops.
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@MGjhaud (22334)
• Philippines
15 Jan 08
I prefer in-store shopping. It’s more reliable and comforting when you shop and see the items before buying it unless when you buy online, you don’t know if it really fits you right or look good on you. plus the issues when you buy online because the item sometimes doesn’t reach the customer. Or sometimes the item has defect right so you really have no quality assurance. Some of my friends say online shopping is cheaper than in-store shopping, I don’t know if that’s really true because I never experienced shopping online though I’ve tried checking out items in the internet.
@maude07 (62)
• Philippines
16 Dec 07
If I'm shopping for clothes or shoes, I go for in-store shopping. There, I get to try on the clothes/shoes and make sure they fit and look good on me. I also get to test and feel the material it is made of. But when it comes to other things that I usually buy such as toiletries, I prefer online shopping. It saves me the hassle of falling in line in the stores, as well as a whole lot of time.
@Sillychick (3279)
• United States
16 Dec 07
It depends what I'm shopping for. If I know exactly what I want, I prefer online. If I don't know for sure, I usually prefer to browse in a store where I can actually see things, pick them up. It gives me a better sense of what I want that way. Shopping for electronics is easier online, though, I can compare prices, read reviews, and compare features much more easily, and there are no high pressure sales people trying to rush me into making a purchase. Clothes I will buy online only if it is a brand I have bought before and know the sizes pretty well.
@Asylum (48067)
• Manchester, England
16 Dec 07
Both online and store shopping can be equally beneficial at times. I like to browse the shelves and racks in the stores in order to search for the type of item that appeals to me, although shopping online does save a lot of time and effort. I bought my digital camera online, which saved me about £150 in total. It is also useful for groceries because I can order enough to fill the freezer and cupboards and have everything delivered to the door.