Steve Francis

United States
December 17, 2007 12:35am CST
What happened to Steve "Franchise" Francis? He plays bench for the Rockets now, what happened to the guy that earned such a respectable nickname?
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28 Dec 07
What's wrong with him?I can't understand why such a good player can't play in a match,he is a superstar,he need more chance,even though he can't jump as high as before,but he is at least an experienced player,isn't he? I believe him,I'm sure he will back soon
24 Jan 08
I honestly think it is a player getting to be older. I think Steve Francis has already primed. I would like to see a comeback and see him start for the Rockets again and be an above average player in the NBA, but I don't see that happening right now. At least, I don't see that happening for him while he is a player for the Rockets. The Rockets have so many guys competing for the point guard position that it is hard for anyone to shine. Rafer Alston is starting to step up for the Rockets and Luther Head is getting some minutes here and there. I think Steve Francis is just getting too old and is playing against guys more athletic now.
@dlsheng (136)
• China
28 Dec 07
Francis is a good sporter. I am really his fan. Yaoming should thank him for his help and supports although he is a supplementary member now.
• China
18 Dec 07
Francis is a good player,but i don't like his play style,he can't blend into a team .He is a mugwump.
@qradav (154)
• Philippines
17 Dec 07
he got older and he has been slowed down by injuries so he can't play at the same intensity he did before. perhaps he doesn't get enough motivation. look at grant hill. his career is even worse off than steve francis. grant hill has been bothered by a lot of injuries forcing him to miss whole seaons. and yet now, with the proper motivation, he is playing like his old self again