Try Troy

December 17, 2007 1:25am CST
Any one read the Iliad? Do you think that the Movie Troy has given justice to the original epic? Which is better the original text or the movie?
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• India
24 Apr 08
i have read illiad. i think the movie troy has not given justice to original epic but to some extent yes because the movie highlighted achilles who is hero of illiad. but original text is better than the movie
@c4rr0n (9)
• Romania
18 Dec 07
like all hollywood like movies...or at least almost all...u will not find acuracy in a movie based on a book or history...but well, troy was preety good,good brad pitt acting;btw...yes,i read iliad.
• Czech Republic
17 Dec 07
the original text is better then the movie
• Italy
17 Dec 07
Well for example Achilles's cousin in reality is not hi cousin but his LOVER *laughs* When I told my friends this they were shattered The real Achilles may be a great hero, but he's not so charming: he's not only bisex, but also a pedophile (he rapes and kills one of the little children of Priamus) Brrrr... I loved the movie. Just Brad Pitt and his muscles are worth the price of the tickets *laughs*