I am going for vacation with my family......

December 17, 2007 1:12pm CST
Hi friends, I am very happy to share my happiness with you, I am going for vacation with my family to visit my parents in my Home Town. I am planning to celeberate this Christmas and New Year with my parents. I will miss you all my friends... Where do you like to celeberate your vacation....?
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@williamjisir (22884)
• China
12 Feb 08
Hello dear jintodelhi. I think that you must have had a wonderful vacation with your family during the Christmas time. Right now I am also having my winter vacation with my family at home. It is so relaxing to me to have our traditional spring festival with the family.
@wolfie34 (26789)
• United Kingdom
21 Dec 07
Safe journey to your vacation my friend, and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, Christmas is a time to be with close ones and family, it's a special time. I am spending this Christmas with my parents because we are a very close family, and I am looking forward to it. Thank you for sharing your happiness.
@cherriemae (3373)
• Philippines
20 Dec 07
thats nice jin, i hope that you will have fun with your family spending this holiday...it's very important to spend some time with our family specially this moment because life is so short..Have a happy Christmas and a properous New Year
@suehan1 (4345)
• Australia
18 Dec 07
i hope you have a great time visiting your parents.this year we are staying home as we have had a very hectic past few months,and everyone has been going ten different directions at once.so we decided to have a quiet time at home and chill out and enjoy and just relax.have a merry christmas
@squaretile (3831)
• Singapore
18 Dec 07
congrats on being able to go back. it's nice to spend the holidays with family. i'm also spending the holidays with family, but i'm not on vacation. so it's the same life for me. going to work. christmas day is a public holiday though, and since I'm christian, I'll spend it in church. it's a very meaningful time of the Saviour's birth!
@kykidd (6818)
• United States
17 Dec 07
That is great that you are going home for Christmas. I prefer to spend my time in a nice warm place. The last 2 years I have went to Myrtle Beach, very enjoyable environment and not too busy this time of year.