Plz tell me (Wap & Web)

December 18, 2007 12:24pm CST
What is the diffrence between Wap site and Web Site Plz tell me.
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• Pakistan
25 Dec 07
The word “web” is derived from the word “cobweb” Meaning of web is “net”, the net built by a spider or such type of spidery insect. But here it is a very well known term of internet. Used for the system of net for a company or group of companies or a system of internet developed by some one individual. The term web is used in combination with other words and forms some new words showing their characteristics. Such as the website, web cam, web log, webhost, web server, web space, web mail, web surfing etc. WAP is an abbreviation and it stands for “Wireless Application Protocol” It is a system to enable mobile phones to browse the world wide web. In practice the site has to be specially designed and text only, and only a very few sites have bothered to set up a WAP version.
@The_Chao (29)
• Finland
19 Dec 07
This is a web site, for example. I think you already knew that. Wap-sites are designed for mobile devices (usually cell phones), and sometimes require a special wap-connection (via cell phone) to access.
@a_manick (880)
• India
19 Dec 07
WAP stands for Web Application Protocol. Web stands for internet/ world wide web.