December 18, 2007 1:04pm CST
What you think what is the best use of internet. what benafit you are obtaining from internet. and is it true that internet is very special to know knoldge.??????????
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@Sameerj (44)
• Qatar
6 Jan 08
Uses and benifits of the Internet? This is a very good question, their are many ways you can take advantage of the internet, their are benifits and disadvantages at the same time, if you consider Internet from your personal point of view, then it can be very usefull and has great treasures, but the best advantage is the ability to make MONEY online, that too from your Home:)
@jarves (814)
• Philippines
31 Dec 07
The internet has many great benefits. You will get a lot of information from all parts of the globe. You can study and do research also. It could also entertain you.
• Pakistan
24 Dec 07
The word internet is combination of two words. Inter and net. It is name of connection between net working of so many computers. Internet works through service provider. We can link word wide networking of computers and exchange our thoughts, keep our self informed, send and receive emails, chat with each others, play the games. Internet is being used for online business and also online banking. You can learn here much many things and you can seek admission in virtual universities and get on line degree or certificate.It has very wide scope of its benefits and it is becoming more and much wide day by day.
• India
20 Dec 07
today internet can be used for anything from entertainment to purchasing good publicity, watching movies , or chatting and staying connected with your friends but still i think the best use of internet is getting any information you want from any corner of the world i really love this utility of the internet
@nopain (32)
• China
19 Dec 07
i do believe i got a lot of benefit from Internet. First,i am an University student,and my major is Network i do a lot things with computer everyday,when i got some problems with my study,i will check out it on the Internet,fortunately ,most of time,i can get the right answer for it. Second,i do often enjoy music online,this is one of the fastest way to enjoy music ,even more faster than through the traditional medium(Like Television,broadcasting station,etc..). finally,i am using chating software a lot(like UC,ICQ),through it,i can chating with my friends freely and even a little bit payment. In conclusion,the Internet really change people's life a lot.
@aaslin (123)
• India
19 Dec 07
internet has a lot of uses.the best of internet is there is nothing in the world about which we cant get information in internet.also u can get entertainment
@lyn2008 (444)
• China
19 Dec 07
Haha,I like this question.First I love the internet very much.I think the best use of internet is sharing informations,that is my fovourite,also I enjoy read email,watch movie,and so on.I am botaining many things from the internet,informations,music,friends,movies,photos,etc.I think that the internet is the best way the get informations,but it also need some knoleage about internet.
• India
18 Dec 07
The best use of internet is for downloading pdf of study materials!! specially seminar topics !:) and emailing !!which keeps online jobs information