Pain and managing it

@moodus (118)
United States
December 18, 2007 9:42pm CST
I have had a total of 13 knee sugeries(between both knees) and have had chronic pain b/c of the deteriorating knee joints. I am 49 years old and have had major problems with locating the right doctor who will finally replace both of my knees. I always hear how, b/c of my age, I'll have to have this done more than once and they want me to wait. I am not wanting to be under the knife again by any means, but living with constant (it is literally 24-7) pain and being shoved from one doctor to another is not what I want or can handle anymore. I have had to take many medications for this pain...The only real med that works for me and keeps me functional is Vicoden. Unfortunatly, it's not a favorite for any doctor to prescribe and it's been tough. I've even resorted to some illegal drugs (mj) to calm this pain down when I don't have my regular meds. I spend most days trying to walk without pain and now, b/c of how bad my knees have gotten, it's now taking out my right hip. It's hurting constantly...Anyone else have this trouble? If so, any thoughts? How are you coping?
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