Whose your Favorite Mercenary?

December 18, 2007 11:08pm CST
When you've finished the game on a normal mode, a new game will be available for play called "The Mercenaries"... in which you will be able to use the characters you've met along the game when you've played as Jill Valentine.. there's Mikhail, Carlos and Nicholai.. Whose the best and why? Just for fun!! Thanks!
4 responses
@lancingboy (1386)
• United States
19 Dec 07
Is that the timed mini game? I always loose with those lol. I know on the RE2 game, I like to play as Chris Redfield in the mini game. I'm not sure I played the RE3 mini game because I always play the easy option.
• Philippines
19 Dec 07
yup! mini game, theres also 1 in RE2 called Extreme Battle.. dude, i really love survival horror...
• China
28 Aug 09
I love Jill !!! So beautiful and sexy.And I hope to see her in resident evil 6,but I'm afraid we have to wait a long time.
• Philippines
2 Nov 08
I classify them as Mikhail (easy), Carlos (normal), and Nicholai (hard). I prefer to play with carlos, because you really need to use ur M4A1 and Eagle wisely. I always end playing with carlos in Caution (orange) or Danger status. Nicholai is insane, specially made for experts.
• India
2 Jul 08
after u complete resident evil 3...i like mikhail as my mercenary..i like da range of weapons u get to choose from...i juz dun like timingz in horror games...but in da mercenary mode itz fun coz itz action time")