WARNING: High School Drama

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December 18, 2007 11:11pm CST
WARNING WARNING!: if you are allergic to or fatally annoyed by high school drama do NOT read this post. Ok. This involves two people. One of my friends, we'll call him M, and one of my other friends (also his ex), we'll call her J. Some semi-important people in this story will be called C and D. Here it goes. First, we'll give you my side then we'll give you some background, because that is the order it came in to me. I heard from M that he would be missing two basketball games due to a double-technical foul. The next day he informed me that he would be missing two extra games due to some legal issues. I walk into my last class and see C sitting there. The first thing she says when she sits down is "so, did you here I ruined M's basketball career?". I respond with "he said he is only missing two games". She says "oh really, I'll have to talk to J about that, he's supposed to be missing 8". The next day, D walks up to me during lunch and says "hey Cassie. maybe you should stop talking about J." My natural response is "what, I wasn't, what are you talking about?". She informs me that apparently I told C that her and J should not have called the cops and that it wasn't a big deal and that I should just stay out of it because it's none of my business. Shocked but annoyed I continue to eat my lunch. The next day M tells me what exactly happened (or at least his side of the story). He was hanging out with friends and they called J and made a threat to her. He says that he did not make the threat, he was just there. J, D, and C say that he made the threat himself. The reason that C said he was supposed to miss the 8 games was supposed to be because of lying to the cops and saying that he did not make the threat himself. That night, I message J on MySpace and ask her if she thought I was talking about her and that I hope there was no misunderstanding. She responds and tells me that I should stay out of things and I would not know what to do unless I was in that situation and yells at me telling me that it's none of my business and I should shut up and that she's mad at me for sticking my nose in things and telling people they should not have called the cops and that it wasn't a big deal. I respond telling her that I never said those things and telling her exactly what was said to me and I what I said back. She never responded, now, she just gives me evil looks at school. Normally, I would just ignore such things, but the worst part of this whole story. I sit almost directly in between J and M in my second class of the day so I can't talk to M without getting a look from J and M was my friend before J was but I still don't want to lose J as a friend. I have to see and talk to both of them every day at school. Now, if you have made it this far. Congratulations, you have gotten your yearly, hell decade's worth, of high school drama. I tend to avoid it as much as possible, but if you hadn't noticed. This was kind of thrown upon me. As of today I learned that M is NOT missing 8 games but in fact only missing the four original games he told me about, he gets to play this Friday. Any suggestions on what to do about J and M? Please don't tell me to ignore it, I've already tried that option for the last week or more. I really do not wish to get yelled at any longer...or stared at evilly.
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