2 Job Interviews - Do I just take the 1?

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December 19, 2007 2:31pm CST
I have been job searching for about a month before I graduated. Now I am graduated, moved all my stuff to my parents and am looking for new employment so I can get my own place. This is all something I want to do right away, just to at least have an income. I had an interview today as an Internet Support Specialist. I would be taking incoming calls to help companies with their internet troubles. I would then be seeing activity on the computers (this company works with internet security) and if something goes wrong I call the company and ask them about it and then try to help them solve their problem. It pays good, has some benefits, it's where I want to live, and has potential of me moving to other more creative positions. It is a 3 step interview process. I interview with 1 guy, then a man above his position, and then the final boss. I also have to take a test on this to see if I even qualify. (If I know about networking and internet) Now I got a call to interview to be a Waitress at the Green Mill. It would be a full time position and also in the town I plan to move in and will pay good. I have been a waitress before so this sounds fine by me. Neither job goes with my major. Neither is something I would want to do for long term. I have no interest making waitressing or internet support my lifelong career. I wouldn't mind if I moved up in either company though, which is always an opportunity. However, I will know about whether I get the waitressing job right away and can start working. This internet support job I will not know for another week because of all the steps. I don't want to tell the restaurant hiring manager NO, and then end up not getting the internet support job. However, I do not want to tell them "YES" and then end up quitting 1 week later if I do in fact get this job. But it sounds like my chance to get the job at this internet support company is a "long shot". The interviewing guy even said to me, "One girl made it to the third interview and we eliminated her." Whether it was true or he was just putting pressure on me, I don't know. So if I do get this waitressing job should I just ask them if I could think about it for 1 day, or should I just take it? In the mean time I plan on working on my portfolio and searching for a job more up my alley, but that could be a while. So it may be nicer for me to just work as a waitress for the time being because the waitressing job doesn't require after hour work. The internet job will sometimes require me to answer support calls AT HOME. So I don't know what to do. I figure I will probably make approximately same income at both places.
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@dvschic (1796)
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19 Dec 07
what kind of career are you looking for? if the waitressing thing is a sure thing, then do it, dont wait for a job you may get if if you have one for sure right now, especially since neither are the field you want to work in..