What do you think of surgeons?

@Vucjak (242)
December 20, 2007 12:14am CST
I'm a med student, and I want to become a surgeon in a few years. I want to know, what is your opinion about them? Do you like them, do you think they are smart, would you compare them to God. Do you believe they should be paid more than the others? Do you trust them?
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@apsara60 (6611)
• Israel
20 Dec 07
A surgeon is a real honest surgeon only if he is really dedicated to his profession. Indeed when a person is serious, a surgeon as good as God for his family members, but this should not make a surgeon feel proud, but should feel more responsible and should do his best to save the sick person. A good honest surgeon is not only liked but prayed and remembered like God. Surgeon does not have to be smart, but properly educated and experienced to take right decsion. Vucjak, if you want to become a successful Surgeon then you should not give importance to money. How much a human body needs to fill his stomach.....few slices of bread.....besides if you will be a good surgeon, people will shower so much prasing and blessings on you that you will feel content at heart...and you will be most peaceful person on earth. I wish you best of luck and I hope you become a dedicated honest surgeon who will always have a successful operation and people will not call you Vucjak, but happiness. Take care. Trust- I don't know about others, but you as a surgean should earn trust of people, only then you will be called successful in life.
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@MsTickle (25050)
• Australia
29 Jan 08
It depends of course how skilled the surgeon is and how dedicated. Once upon a time surgeons and doctors had a vocation, a genuine calling to the profession. I don't know if that's still the case. I don't know about smart, people's definition of 'smart' varies. I find a surgeon with a good bedside manner is very likeable. There's nothing better than someone fixing you when you're broken or unwell. Why would I compare them to God? You don't compare anyone to God. That's just ridiculous...if a surgeon had that sort of attitude I don't reckon he'd last long. I think they should be paid according to a predetermined rate and the procedure they're undertaking. I wouldn't trust anyone I didn't know. I would check a surgeon's reputation if I could...word of mouth is usually reliable. Their level of skill and years of practice would also go a long way to trusting them as well. I think these specialists and surgeons that hold themselves aloof are a bit suss. It's the high profile guy who can come down to the level of and who can reach out and touch his patients with genuine care and sincerity that my money is on. Good luck to you.