do you think naruto would be stronger if minato was alive to raise him?

December 20, 2007 2:58am CST
jiraiya suspects that the kyubi was sealed inside naruto by the fourth to protect him. so naruto can have access to the nine-tails' chakra if he's in danger. but what if minato personally taught him since childhood?
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• Philippines
21 Apr 08
i think that there is no way that it can happen. because the one who sealed the demon fox was minato and the price of doing that was the exchange his life!!!! but if it doesn't there are possibility that naruto will be a strong but spoiled child! come on his the son of an hokage! or he will be the most like his father!
• France
20 Apr 08
Of course he will be tronger if minato was alive.No need to remind you that minato was considered as the genius of the genius . SPOILER: Don't read if you didn't read the very last volumes And on top of that , with his space teleportation,who knows?maybe minato could have taught naruto his space teleportation which made him so strong, since naruto is his son.(well i don't know if naruto knows that though).Do you think that minato had some blood inherited powers ,and naruto could have them too?
• Philippines
5 Apr 08
maybe so, but not as powerful as he is now. Naruto's power came from the desperation he felt, he's obsession to be acknowledge and his desire to be loved. if his father was alive and was able to teach him i guess he would be powerful too because no doubt Yondaime Hokage was one very powerful shinobi. but, there's no way Minato would be alive if he had sealed the kyuubi within naruto. i think he knows that his own son was the one in the prophecy thats why he choose to seal the kyuubi in his own child. i wont discuss about Uchiha's because i simply hate them. end of my response. lol
@emarie (5451)
• United States
26 Jan 08
who knows. it may have changed the way Naruto thought. In a way, he had to feel the suffering to get him to where he is. His need for acceptance and to protect a village that tormented him, but he still loves.
• Indonesia
25 Dec 07
no that's no way