Memories Of Christmas Past

@THKOhio (330)
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December 20, 2007 6:49am CST
Thinking back to when you were a child,what is one present that you always asked for but never got? For me, it was a pony. Of course, the fact that we never had anywhere to keep it COULD have had something to do with that. We lived in a fairly suburban area, on a fairly small lot, so a pony wasn't all that realistic as a request. However, as a child, I thought that it was easily solvable...I would just keep my pony in the basement. Can you just imagine trying to make THAT work? LOL
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26 Dec 07
I grew up in a middle class family with 6 kids. We always got a ton of presnts in TOTAL, but per kid it wasn't all that much. I used to be jealous of the 2 kids across the street, whose living room would be FULL of gifts for just the 2 of them. I don't remember specifically asking for a gift that i didn't get- I think my mom was pretty good about getting us what we aksed for. This year I asked my hubby for some cozy pajamas from Gap Body, and I didn't get those, So I guess that's my answer. LOL.