Gurgaon - Development or Mess?

Gurgaon (India) - The upcoming town - Gurgaon, all the (so called) development going on, is it development actually or just some more mess!!
December 20, 2007 10:56am CST
The city - Gurgaon (India) is developing (!!!) at a fast pace, hundreds of multi-storeyed modern buildings are coming up, but is the infrastructure of the city ready to bear the load of burgeoning population & traffic etc etc.? Those who live in the city or are aware of the situation are invited to express their opinion. Those who wish to know more about this city or would like to see the collection of pictures that I have are welcome too.
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• India
28 Oct 11
It is a mess. In morning and evening, there are traffic jams and cause of being a BPO capital and cabs there is huge traffic rush in the area.The infrastructure is not good, there should be wider roads and proper drainage system as water logging is evident after a rain shower.
• India
27 Jan 08
I agree with you, that Gurgaon is a very fast-growing and fast-developing city. I'm sure in 5 more years it will be a great place to stay. Roads are wide enough to take the traffic and crouds of people, besides now Government have started the building of the underground in the city, that will connect it with the capital. This is the great "jump" for the city. Besides, as for today, Manesar has also became the part of Gurgaon, and there are a great number of foreign companies, that have their own buildings. One negative thing about Gurgaon, in my opinion, as for today is the lack of greenery. Park zones are less and they seems to be not well-developed. Will hope that soon, we will be able to find more park to play in with kids and more facilities for kids as well.