more on tipping - when do you draw the line?

United States
December 20, 2007 8:39pm CST
So I found out federal employees can't accept anything over $20 so I can give my mail carrier a gift since he is always so nice and brings my mail to the door if I have a lot instead of shoving it in the box and never complains about all the boxes I get and makes conversation to boot. In the same article it described what you should give other people. It suggests $15 - $20 for each trash collectors. Ok, I think we have 3 and yes they have a hard job and do it well but I never thought of tipping them and not like I am going to wait around when they collect the trash to give them a hearty handshake and some cash. Hair dressers: Ok maybe if I had someone I saw for a long time, but I time them for their services and only see them a few times a year but I am ok with that! Paper carrier - $15 - $25 I can see tipping them if you don't on a regular basis, they do get up early. Babysitter: small gift and one week's pay. Again, probably fair if you have a regular sitter. So when does it stop? Do I tip the meter reader? The greeter at Wal Mart?
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