why learn English so hard ???

December 20, 2007 9:27pm CST
I come from china, who have learned English for 11 years! when i see people ,i say :hello ! then ,i never konw say more ,only can say :byebye ! chinese english-education exits many problems ! we pay too much engery on exam but never use english in life. alas! who can help me!
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• India
21 Dec 07
I think there is no need to worry more about your english.I am from India and like you,we also dont speak and use english and we have our national and regional language to communicate.But in schools and colleges we use english to study all subjects.I think mylot is a nice place to improve your english.After joining mylot i mproved my english a lot.Main reason i am here is to improve my english.Try to respond to as many as discussions you can and put some good topics here.If you daily spend one hour here,i guarantee you that you can surely improve your english.It is better to spend time here,than spending time on chatting sites.After joining mylot,i quit using chatting sites.
• China
21 Dec 07
Thank you very much! i love english ,but never in class, chinese english-learning way is very wrong ,"mylot" maybe a good place for english learning. thank you! you make me feel the world smaller! i am a new guy here! my english is so poor!could you like to help me? thank you again !good luck ,god blessd you!
@edaabby (134)
• Malaysia
17 Mar 08
I agreed with sreejithsreenivas... your english are well...just confident yourself...good luck..
@youless (100254)
• Guangzhou, China
4 Jun 08
I think that's because we seldom have a chance to practise our English. I believe that practice makes perfect. And there is no shortcut to learn English. You have to spend time and keep talking, writing and listening to it and you can make a progress. I love China
@nanayangel (7862)
• Philippines
4 Jun 08
Hi there Taorufei! I think it's great that you are aware of the importance of using English in your everyday life if you really want to be good in it. I think that that's what you should do exactly. Good luck!
• New Zealand
31 Dec 07
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