Do you think Shaq should retire at the end of the nba season?

@elmiko (6635)
United States
December 21, 2007 6:47pm CST
Shaq is having the worst season of his career only averaging under 15 points a game. His team has the worst record in the eastern conference with 7-19. By the way it looks the miami heat will probably not make the playoffs. Dwyane Wade seems to be carrying his team too much without enough help. The last few losses were in overtime with Wade having great games.
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@allan5d (120)
• Philippines
9 May 08
i think so, he can no longer show his dominance, i think iot is better for him to retire now. he can no longer bring his ace game and bring his team to second round.
@id_pop (293)
• Philippines
28 Feb 08
Now that he's with the Phoenix Suns, I don't think so. He should stay around for two or three years to see where his stay with the Suns will lead him to, then retire. He's got another legitimate chance to contribute to a run for the title, so he might as well hang out until his contract expires and maybe re-sign for another year if the first two years go successfully.
24 Jan 08
Shaq is having the worst season of his career, but he is getting overlooked too much. He is still averaging almost 15 points a game and almost 8 boards with almost 2 blocks per game. I just think he is in a mental slump right now. With Dwayne Wade being injured for so long at the start of the season I think that threw the chemistry off. The Heat didn't know what to do and it didn't give any balance to their floor game. When Wade was gone the only big scorer they had was Shaq and teams noticed that. Whenever Shaq would get the ball he was getting double and triple teamed so he couldn't score. I think that was a big reason why Shaq's scoring is down. Now that Wade is back he just needs to find his nitch again. I think Shaq still has a few more seasons in him. I would think after he makes it back from this injury he will be doing a lot better than how he started this season.
@zjl88581 (25)
• China
31 Dec 07
To shaq, he is old.not body,is mind. the figure of the match is reveal that he did not try his best. only because he pay more attention to protect himself. coach was not satisfied for this side. but shaq is not satisfactory in miami. he should not retire in miami.i think he will change team to fight 2-3 seasons.
• United States
26 Dec 07
Shaq is as fit and as in shape as any other center that I can think of off the top of my head today. His dominance is un-paralell. of Matombo can stay in the NBA as long as he did, then so can Shaq. And on top of that, he is a team player. Who doesnt like a team player?
25 Dec 07
Yes,I think he should retire,NBA is a place for young people,O'Neal is too old to play in NBA,his moving is solwer than before,and he is not the Shaq who can play well all the season,maybe he can play well in one match,but the season is too long for him,his has prove it that he is the best one in NBA once,everyone knows it,so maybe it's the right time for him to retire
• United States
24 Dec 07
He may not be the superstar he once was, but he is still a defensive force in the middle. He alters shots in the paint and can still clean the boards. He can still score, but the team is so bad right now, that he's getting doubled quite often. Wade isn't going to single-handedly beat many of the better teams in the NBA
@mensab (4203)
• Philippines
24 Dec 07
although shaq is not the usual dominant player as he used to be, he can still score and his presence counts a lot for his team - miami heat. his presence in the paint and his post remains a threat to the other team. he makes shooters and penetrators change their shots because of him. there are intangible value of shaq's game, other than scoring and rebounding and team standing.
@zhwbeast (328)
• China
22 Dec 07
Although Shaq is old enough to retire,Shaqis ability also can not be overlooked.He is one of best player in the NBA although he is not in her top days now. I saw the match of Miami and Houston,and Shaq was rencounter with Yao.In this match I saw a Shaq who was looked as a 29 years old man,skillful enough and aggressivly.Although Yao was younger a lot than him,he had beated him in the match. So I think he will play also in the next match.