are u always worried?

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December 21, 2007 6:59pm CST
we always worry at times. it disrupts our sleep and takes away our can u overcome these habits?
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22 Dec 07
you should never worry. blasted jerry got defeated. i have no worrys other than that ruddy forign cleaner has an interest in my medals. i will not be having a nap when she is cleaning.
@diana611 (22)
• United States
22 Dec 07
i have found as of late that when i am worried about something i just go pick up a good book and relax for awhile and forget about my troubles. i also try to help other people with their problems. doing this gives me time to sit back and reflect over if what i am worring about is really worth it. i find people with bigger worries then mine and then i know that i can get through it. if someone is worse off then me should i be worring abvout the pety things that may not even matter? no i don't think so.