which is your all time favorite porsche!!!

@eric_v_b (261)
December 21, 2007 10:06pm CST
I just love the Porsche 959 supercar from the late 1980's. What about you people, which is your favorite porsche of all times?
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@yinmuhua (13)
• China
3 Nov 09
@Alfie1970 (257)
28 Mar 08
I used to sell Porsches in the early 90's. Now 252 959's were built to qualify as a production car as to enter the Paris Dakar rally, 250 for general sale and 2 for the rally itself. I had 2 clients, a buyer and a seller. The seller wanted £350,000 and the buyer wanted to spend £250.000. This is serious money and as a 19 year old Im having kittens lol so we start negotiating, after about 2 weeks i got the seller down to £300,000 and buyer upto £290,000 and they couldnt meet half way - whats £5000 when theres that much money concerned?? I hate to shatter any illusions but if anyone sees a 959 on the street 99.9% sure it aint real, these are collectable commodities not everyday cars, but if im wrong id love to hear more about it :)