We really should become more self-sufficient

December 22, 2007 6:31pm CST
Our society is a very complex web of businesses, politics, education, justice, law, healthcare ...etc The more complex the society the easier it is to disrupt it with terrorism, global warming treat, viral diseases, energycrisis, religious fanatism, unemployment ... Basically the higher you are on the ladder the lower you can fall. Primitive cultures will hardly be affected with all of the above. All this makes our societies very vunerable. I believe we should become more self-sufficient. Take our electricity for example. It's very easy for terrorists or other nations to take out our electricity supply with bombings, computerattacks and sooner or later we will see this happening. Most of the production can also be held hostage also as it's based on oil & coal and prices will be set by prices of oil & coal. Also this technology is very poluting. Large scale windmill parks and solarpanels are expensive and not very efficient. Nuclear power is more and more dangerous because of terrorist attacks and it's nuclear waste. What if we all produced our own electricity with a wind or water turbine and some solarpanels, excess energy could be delivered to the network and could actually make you money. Since it's a network much like the internet taking out an individual member would not harm electricity production. Same with gas we could turn our biological waste into methanegas for cooking and heating. Decentralised energy production would make a country less vunerable, then centralized energyproduction. I believe the internet model can be applied to many existing centralised models to convert them into decentralized network models.
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23 Dec 07
That would be great in the ideal world one dollar but here in the UK we are tied up with so much government nannying that it's hard to be entrepreneurial these days, let alone creative. Just to have our own wind turbines there is so much red tape one has to go through. The neighbours have to be informed as well, in case they object to the height or possible noise nuisance etc. Solar panels are still very expensive here. There are lots of regulations regarding using waste cooking oil for cars etc. Although I heartily agree with you, it's just not easy with all the men from Whitehall and the local councils either 'looking down their noses' or even trying to get their cut from whatever is going on :(
• Belgium
8 Jan 08
You are right we live in an overregulated world, whereby regulations are used to keep consumerism going and to keep us chained to energyconcerns. EC is deregulating on the one hand and regulating on the other.
@lucgeta (924)
• France
23 Dec 07
It's happening right now, many people has reduced to zero its utility bill by installing solar roofs. In France you can become a producer of energy feeding the grid. Open Energy seems to have the more efficient products in the market, check www.openenergycorp.com. I disagree that less advanced societies won't be affect as global warming can affect sea levels and weather around the world. Due to their uniqueness travelers do carry virus and diseases to them and most of times there is no health care system in place. Fanatics - religious or tribal - can spread easily in poor places and the own villages can be target of terrorism.