Who am I?What's my dream?

December 25, 2007 2:10am CST
Yesterday night,on our way back to school,a friend of mine asked me an queation"Have you thought that who actually you are,what is your life goal?I said nothing and keep silent for the whole way.I was thinking.I really haven't thought it carefully before he asked me.We always say I am a friend of somebody's,or I am someone's sister or brother.Then every time when we talk about our dreams,we just say I may be the best interpretor,the best translator,or I dont'know. I once read such a story.In the story,rhere was an accient and a police dho was dealing with it asked injured woman that who she was for three times.And her answers were a Professor's daughter,a clergyman's wife and a student's mother.She just identified herself like this.She didn't who herslf is.Then, I wonder that did she have a dream?The answer was unknown.So in fact,we have to ask ourselves who we are what's our dreams.And that may be help ful for us to send our puzzle away,and then we may live a more meaningful life.My friends,do you ask who you are and what 's your life goal?
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@Sharon38 (1915)
• Jamaica
26 Dec 07
Yes I do that and have to continue doing it to remind myself of my goals inspite of what is happenign around me and what others may think or say. I am me, a bright, beautiful, warm loving woman who knows what she wants and goes after what she wants and still doing so. I am a child of God and love being who I am. I try to make good out of everything that has happenned to me - to make me a better person and I am a mother and would love to become a lawyer, also to marry the man of my dreams.
@williamjisir (22900)
• China
25 Dec 07
Hello dear annie. A good question. Who am I? It reminds me of the movie by Jacky Cheng, who lost his memories for a long time and even didn't know who he was. It was really interesting enough not to know who he was that he had so many funny things happen to him. Ok, now as to this question Who Am I, I think that it is simple to me, son of parents, father of a little boy and hubby of a loved wife. I don't have to be that specific as to more information about who I am. A simple answer is enough to know who I am. lol. I have got too many goals in life, but I have to have them come true one by one and I am sure that they will be realized eventually. Thanks very much for your discussion, dear annie. Have a wonderful Merry Christmas.
@Ngippol (567)
• Philippines
25 Dec 07
There are three basic life's questions: 1. Where did I came from. 2. Why am I here? 3. Where am I going? These three questions need to be answered if you want to find meaning in your life. Take the time and think deeply within the core of your heart. Answer each question honestly and contact me afterwards.