last night which dream u have got?

December 25, 2007 8:47am CST
my dream in going on train.
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• Philippines
25 Dec 07
my dream last night was so weird...very very weird and it's kinda' funny after I have learned the truth when I woke up. I have dreamed of a bombing thing, the dream was not so clear at all because I thought that the explosion happened in the school however the place seems to like in a Mall here in Davao City. It's kinda' weird though...I heard my classmates shouting at me saying I should be careful and my bestfriend was walking beside me. Suddenly I heard a weird noise near my feet after that the road gave in and exploded. I saw many people throwing some explosive devices and someone told me that the thing that exploded was the sodium bicarbonate....I was really very very scared that time...without me knowing the truth about the chemicals. When I woke up I was so happy and thankful that all of those scary events was just a dream ...I researched for sodium bicarbonate and I have learned that this chemical is not and explosive chemicals that can be used for a bomb because the truth is this chemical is used and needed when you bake a cake or a bread or when somehow helpful when you cook for a food because sodium bicarbonate is BAKING SODA... that's so silly dream... :-)