Harry Potter books

December 25, 2007 6:15pm CST
I'm just wondering is anybody here wants to read a Harry Potter book. Did you enjoy it? Do you who is the author? What can you say about the author?
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• Romania
28 Dec 07
I've read all the books..except the last one (which i am reading it now) and viewed all the movies...I like Harry potter . Mostly I like his relation with Ginny lol ( ihear they will get marry..Can't wait to finish lol) I'm a bit sad that it will be over..no more books..
• Philippines
26 Dec 07
i own a complete set of the series. I for one is also a movie fan. but before the movies were set out to the big screen, i have been reading it upto the 3rd book. The books are better that the movies, at least for me. There are no cuts, no special effects, just the story itself and all you need is imagination. I suggest you read the books and you'll definitely love it. :D
@lucgeta (924)
• France
26 Dec 07
I've never read just saw the movies. Seems the books are very well written and full of the same references as the movies. Plot is somewhat more complicate and characters develop more and full of details. J.K. Rowling is a british and that started with the Potter series, her future is to keep writing.