Have You Ever Felt like Banging Your Head On Computer Table because of your PC ?

@AKRao24 (25454)
December 26, 2007 8:57am CST
While starting this discussion I have seen the animated Logo under Computer section where the operator was shown banging his head on the table! (I hope same logo has been dipicted for all of us!)This has made me to think if really people are they getting crazy some times because of their PCs malfunction which is leading them to feel like banging their heads aginst the computer table! Do you have any such experience? For me , My computer hangs a lot and wastes a lot of my time! I really go crazy about it! Please respond! Thanks !
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• India
30 Dec 07
I don't feel like banging my head but I get frustrate when my computer works very slow.
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@nokia6233 (937)
• India
28 Dec 07
yeah i do go crazy over my computer at times..... wheni have to wait for some response i go impatient and particulartly when my ocmputer freezes then i just kick my computer and do stuffs like that....
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@funfreak2k2 (1740)
• India
27 Dec 07
it never happened to me. if my pc slows down, i just turn it off for a while and then turn on it, tune it up like cleaning temp files etc and then do my work as usual. Really, i never had serious problems with my pc for the past 3 years. thank God. thats because i think i maintain it well.
@carmelanirel (20979)
• United States
26 Dec 07
All the time, lol sometimes I even growl at my computer when it is frustrating me...