previous night first time i drunk

@sungat (1015)
December 26, 2007 9:46am CST
previous night i drunk it was my fisrt time and i was getting totally crazy i realy donot control over my self and i was realy wonder at that time
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@venigalla (191)
• India
30 Dec 07
i think u r just something crazy about it but it is a slow poison for life once u had ecicted to u are started reducing u r life span yourself it decomposes liver firstly then other organs .when u drunk it will first effect u r brain u r in a situation that u do the things without u r consent .you are so beautiful dont spoil u r life.
• United States
26 Dec 07
I cant say that i truely understanding what you are talking about in this particular post. However, hopefully over a period of time you will learn how to moderate yourself and not just gorge on drink. After all, that is how accidents happen now.
@solson (406)
26 Dec 07
Well you need to know when to stop and it was your first time so oyur body did not know how to react to what your were putting into your body. Also weight is a big theng generally the more you weigh the more you can drink and handel it. Also every body acts different when they are drunk so i dont know. I hope you next experince is better.