Why do you travel? What is the usual reason?

@nengs10 (3188)
December 27, 2007 7:03am CST
In my case, I travel because I want to be in a place where I have never been before. I want to experience new things, eat new food, etc.
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• Philippines
23 Jul 09
one reason i travel is because to give myself a reward from my busy life locally or internationally. one question mingling in my mind was... is travelling only for those who can afford to buy plane tickets for international flights, leisure trip, tour around the world and more..?? how about local travel? who used to drove a car to go to local places? i love to travel, locally to visit places i want in my hometown or out of town to spend leisure time with my family?. overseas travel is to work overseas and at the same time visit the landmarks or tourist spot of the host country.
@fasyahime (634)
• Malaysia
7 May 09
i want to go to japan because i want to buy all super cool outfit there,taste the real Japanese delicacies,picnic under sakura@ in other word want to have life like what i see in comic or anime! i want to go UK to see the harry potter shooting place,taste the foods,experience the culture,buy lot's of novel,watch musical and hangout at the park! i want to go Romania to visit Dracula castle,Gothic castle,enjoying the culture,taste the delicacies and picnic on the lake! besides these reason i also want to broaden my knowledge and horizon about the world, to see myself what make these country really special!
@maximax8 (30099)
• United Kingdom
31 Dec 07
I have always had a yearning for exploring. As a child I dreamed about one day traveling to different places in the world. I travel to see different landscapes, meet local people, see native wildlife, do some sightseeing and experience other types of weather than I have at home. I especially love tropical islands and countries that have lush scenery and lots of palm trees. I like to see interesting looking architecture like houses, buildings, towers, bridges and castles. I have been to 47 different countries so far and there are so many more countries that I would love to go one day. I wish you happy traveling.
@mollyrose (415)
• United States
30 Dec 07
I love to travel and I guess its mainly to see new places. I love seeing things that are new and meeting new people and taking lots of photos. I got to see Vegas twice, Miami Beach and all of Florida. I hope to see Europe someday and New York City. I love to travel so much that I keep a travel journal of all the places I have seen and what I did.
• Kuwait
30 Dec 07
I Dont travel much but since i travel too , i will share my own opinion on traveling,, i travel for business,work, leasure and vacation too,,but not all the time,,, its alternate or mixed reason in one trip... like visiting families and friends at same time while in trip..
@fanji008 (782)
• China
27 Dec 07
Hi,there! I like travelling pretty much.I enjoy seeing different views,learning the culture,spending the time with local people there.I'm really interested in different life styles at different places. I also would like to try the special food. They're nice and with the local flavor.LOL! Moreover,I think it's really a good way to learn about the world and people around the world.It broadens our mind and make us think more and deeply about what we wanna do and how's our current state:) Thanks for the discussion and have a nice day^_^