Swiss roll recipe

@olaff123 (434)
December 28, 2007 6:49am CST
I need a Swiss roll recipe. Can someone give me a failproof one, please.
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@lightningMD (5931)
• United States
28 Dec 07
I have never made a Swiss roll before,but here is a link to a recipe I looked up for you. I hope this helps you out. It sounds really good to me. I might try it myself.
@olaff123 (434)
• Namibia
29 Dec 07
Thanks, I'll give it a try! My grandmother used to make marvellous Swiss rolls. She gave me her recipe, but somehow her's turned out wonderful and mine awful. I really don't know why.
@jennybianca (12912)
• Australia
10 Jan 08
CHOCOLATE SWISS ROLL CAKE: 3 eggs 1 c. granulated sugar 1/3 c. water 1 tsp. vanilla 3/4 c. all-purpose flour 1 tsp. baking powder 1/4 tsp. salt 1/4 c. cocoa FILLING: 1/4 c. Crisco 1/4 c. butter 1/2 c. confectioners' sugar 1/2 tsp. vanilla About 4 tbsp. marshmallow fluff Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Line jelly roll pan 15 1/2 x 10 1/2 x 1 inch with waxed paper or foil. Grease generously. Beat eggs in small bowl on high speed until thick, about 5 minutes. Pour into larger bowl. Add sugar gradually. Beat in water and vanilla on low. Add flour, cocoa, salt and baking powder gradually. Beat just until smooth. Pour into pan. Bake 12 to 15 minutes. Immediately remove cake, invert onto towel that was sprinkled with powdered sugar. Remove foil. Trim stiff edges if needed. Roll cake up with towel. Cool on cake rack, 30 minutes or more. Unroll cake and spread with filling. FILLING: Cream all ingredients, beginning with first 3 then add vanilla and marshmallow. Beat until smooth. Spread on chocolate Swiss roll, then roll up. Cake can be sprinkled with confectioners' sugar.
@neenasatine (2839)
• Philippines
7 Jan 08
i have not yet tried it but i have found some recipe here from A Classic Swiss Roll Recipe Swiss Roll Recipe with Eggs, Castor Sugar, Self-Raising Flour & Raspberry Jam. INGREDIENTS: 3 Large Eggs, at room temperature 3oz (75g) Castor Sugar, slightly warmed 3 ox Self-Raising Flour, sieved 4 Level tbsp Raspberry Jam, slightly warmed Additional Castor Sugar METHOD: Pre-heat the Oven to 220c 425F Mark 7. Grease and line a shallow Swiss Roll tin 9inch x 12inch (23cm x 30cm) with greaseproof paper. Whisk the Eggs with the Castor Sugar until the mixture is light and creamy. It should leave a trail when the whisk is lifted out. Then fold in the Self-Raising Flour using a metal spoon. Pour the mixture into the tin and smooth level with a palette knife. Place in the hot oven and bake for 7 to 10 minutes until the sponge is pale golden and begins to shrink from the edges of the tin. Cover a sheet of greaseproof paper really well with Castor Sugar and turn the sponge out onto this. Trim the edges of the sponge and spread with the Raspberry Jam. Roll up tightly and sprinkle further with Castor Sugar. Allow to cool on a wire stand. Based on the Swiss Roll recipe in: Hamlyn All Colour Cook Book by Mary Berry, Ann Body & Audry Ellis (Hamlyn 1970).