Great Google Cheat!!

Adsense Cheat.. - Adsense is at times very helpless.
December 28, 2007 1:36pm CST
Recently I read in a tech magazine that one indian is cheating google in a pretty strange way. What he does is, he sends a video link to his friends' emails. when they click on the link in their email, a click is placed on a google ad on his site. isn't this strange and unbelievable??It is a true story and that tech mag had met him, saw his trick practically, contacted google to talk about it. when they contacted google, they immediately named him. They knew it was him but could not do any thing to prevent it and seemed they didnt understand how it was working. He is an Indian programmer. An Indian IT Mag had published this article around a month ago. There were even many screen shots that showed the surge in traffic to his website. the programmer said it was a simple script that was added to his website. Google discussed this at their high level meetings. Even a giant like Google is helpless at times ! Isn't it interesting?
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28 Dec 07
he is my hero! I wish i knew how he did this. What was his name, i need to speak to him! lol Good discussion.
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