are you a carer for your kids-in the syndrome mix

December 29, 2007 10:04pm CST
im a mum of five children 2 girls 8yrs,10yrs and 3 boys 13yrs,14yrs,16yrs,all my boys have multiple diagnosis 16yr one has adhd,tourettes,ocd the 13yr has adhd,ocd,aspergers syndrome and tourettes and the 14yrs one has add,aspergers syndrome,ocd and right hemiplegia,i would love to chat to any parents carers of family members friends etc who have similar circumstances to discuss issues and give help and support ideas on managing etc,i find special needs such a interesting subject my boys were not diagnosed until ages 9,11,15yrs and i found it very hard at times please respond if you have any interest thanks
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