Top 5 Favorite Frugal Tips

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December 30, 2007 12:29am CST
I have many frugal tips. Here are mine will you please share yours? 1. This is a given for so many and we all tend to forget from time to time. I combine errands. Gas cost over 3 dollars a gallon so I combine as many errands as possible so that I am not going all over the place. 2. I use less laundry soap than recommended on the bottle. I only use Tide because my husband insists, the smell of full Tide bothers me so I cut in back by a third. And the smell doesn't bother me and my clothes are just as clean. So I get like 10 more washes out of a load of laundry. 3. Coupons, coupons, coupons. I love coupons I get them from the paper, magazines, and online. I use coupons on almost everything I purchase regardless of what it is Grocery's, clothes and movies if there is a coupon for it I will find it and use it. 4. I use a general cleaner. This should also be on of those that is a given but I can't tell you how many times I see ladies in the grocery store with 10 different cleaners. They cost a lot of money also between 3 and 6 bucks a pc. I use one cleaner Mr. Clean it works great on pretty much everything and it last forever. Working on using homemade cleaners but haven't gotten there yet. 5. Make things you already have work so you don't have to purchase new ones. This is frugal because your not spending money on new items.
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31 Dec 07
I feel like I have a million tips but when it somes time to list them I freeze up. Here are my favorites I remember right now. (Great topic!) #1 - I make meals in bulk and do a lot of frozen meals for later. This way I only need to shop once a month so I spend less overall and dont get so tempted to buy thoes little things they temp us with. It feels like I am spending a lot when I am doing a month at a time. #2 - Use it up until its gone and then before I throw it away I see if I can use it for something else. Recycling all that I can keeps me from needing new things. #3 - I love my crock pot! I can but cheap meat and cook it all day long so it is still a good meal. Makes the meals tender! #4 - I am an energy saver. I use a carpet sweeper for the floor, I use a push mower for the lawn. We keep the lights out unless necessary, We keep the heat down and use a lot of sweaters and blankets, Basicaly just a little extra conscious. #5 - Save fuel! I drive a very efficent car and then I drive it like gas is a million dollars a gallon. I hate to sit and idle, if you are not moving you are only getting 0 miles per gallon. We conserve cash and supplys where we can so we can have some money to have fun. Life is only so long so we try to make sure we are making our memories now too! Thanks for this topic. It is a great one. I cant wait to read everyones tips.
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30 Dec 07
I get my laundry soap at Aldies and it is just as good as the name brands. I do use dawn dishwashing liquid. I also have a home made general cleaner that alos disinfects. It is 1 cup of white vinegar to a couple of drops of dish washing liquidand a pint of rubbing alchol. put in a gallon container asnd fill with water. I use this for every ting that needs cleaning from stove top to windows.
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30 Dec 07
We don't have Aldies in our area. To be honest with you I wonder about the store brand cleaners in our area so I just use a brand I trust and save from that. Soon very soon we will be living on the East coast and I can get more into my frugal ways again
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