Renewable Resources

December 30, 2007 11:11am CST
Anybody know what are the newest methods of tapping solar power?, Have you heard about the largest Fusion reactor that is going to be setup in France?, And how is the energy in lightning tapped? And please dont run away after answering my questions, you can ask some questions too. Lets respect the meaning of the word discussion, please.
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@rsa101 (32514)
• Philippines
14 Jan 08
Yeah the idea of solar energy does really spark an interest in me. The problem in our place is there is a lot less enthusiast right now and a very few who would like to invest in here. But I see a lot of potential in my place since our place has lots of sunlight all throughout the year. i could just imagine the vast amount of energy that can be harvested in our place if that is tapped. North from our place a little town has tapped the power that can be derived from wind. I think they setup several large windmills from the seashore and so far they hare powering up a small village where electricity cost is much much lower than those here in the metropolis. I wish that our government would push that thrust into tapping into renewable resource as an energy source alternative.
• India
14 Jan 08
Thanks for replying. Philippines does have a lot of potential to tap energy from wind
@Uroborus (910)
• Canada
8 Jan 08
The newest development that I have heard to tap solar energy is to put large solar arrays in space. The efficiency of solar cells is limited on earth because of the atmosphere filtering out a lot of energy. In space solar cells can be far more efficient. You also don't have to worry about a stable supply of energy, because the sun always shines in space. I hear Japan is close to launching a satilite that will try this out. Oh, and the energy gathered in space is beamed back to earth using microwaves or, more likely, lasers.
• India
10 Jan 08
Interesting....but how are they planning on converting laser into electricity? they'll again have to think of converting laser to steam and then run the turbines. But this seems to take accuracy to a whole new level...You have to think of a geostationary satellite that can beam down laser within an area of max 500m^2, thats gonna be difficult, a very small mistake can lead to destruction. And how do they plan on getting light 24hrs, if it is geostationary, there'll be 4 hours of darkness, atleast. But very Interesting though, and i am not too sure of the cost to profit ratio, the satellites cost millions of dollars to make and another million to put it in orbit. Instead we can have huge solar panels here on earth that produce more amount of electricity for the same price. Even a small malfunction, and another million dollars goes down the drain, and for maintenance another billion, and satellites don't last forever, they are usually made for a short lifetime, usually equal to the lifetime of a human. So you keep making those satellites? Seems to be very far fetched in my opinion. What do you think?