Road Rage

Road Rage - This is an image of a man with road rage.
United States
December 30, 2007 2:01pm CST
Ever lost yoru temper or lost your patience when driving on the road? You're enjoying your music and cruising until some person drives to cut you off fast or maybe they are driving so slow they are not driving the speed limit. What about those who are not paying attention while driving? These people are no their cell phones and they are not turning their direction on time when they need to. Do you have road rage? how do you handle everyday issues with bad drivers or those who don't manage to take the responsibilities of driving properly? Here in San Diego we have them all! Sometimes it just drives me to the point to tell these type of people to go back and learn how to drive. These people should re-do their written and driving test or get their driver's license taken away from them until they can properly learn how to drive!
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@dania_elm (422)
• United States
5 Jan 08
i gave my cousin a ride once we were in my minivan doing the speed limit it was rainy out so.. well a real nice brand new shiny mustang came up behind me man was he flying!! and it pissed me off so i got up in the lane beside a semi and stayed right in back of it so the mustang couldnt pass me he was mad!! honking and yelling wow its was hysterical!!! i did that to him for about 30 miles drivers on the interstate make me mad all the time so that is how i pay them back
• United States
31 Dec 07
I have definitely lost my temper and had the desire to cuss a few drivers out. Then I think there are times when I am not at the top of my game and I do something dumb. It is then that I figure those same drivers I wanted to "learn how to drive!" are tell the same thing to me. We all make mistakes. We sometimes cut people off on accident, we sometimes get distracted, or we sometimes don't see something we should. It happens to all of us!
@lingli_78 (12831)
• Australia
30 Dec 07
i don't drive but my hubby is... and yes, he always get stupid drivers everyday in the road who will make him angry or get very emotional like what you describe... i always have to calm him down when that happens... otherwise, he might bash the drivers... :-)
@Justme2007 (1848)
• United States
30 Dec 07
Yes I really get upset when people are talking on their cell phones slowing getting over in your lane not even looking. Driving over the speed limit while you are driving the speed limit trhen they expect you to get in another lane Please I slow right down and dare them to hit me then they get over and zoom off.
@Kowgirl (3490)
• United States
30 Dec 07
It takes quite a bit to make me mad but this one guy had everyone around him mad He kept switching lanes cutting off people and not once did he use his directional signal. One man who was trying to get passed him got run off the road because he switched lanes just as he got halfway around him. Then he got in the fast lane on the left side and slowed down to 5 miles below the speed limit. Needless to say it did make me mad and if I could have said something to him I don't think it would have been nice to hear. Where is the Highway Patrol when you need them? Sleeping in their cars sitting in the median, of course.