what kind of exercise is the most advisable when you want to improve your game??

December 30, 2007 8:05pm CST
???? for me playing alone and strengthening your legs to improve your jumping skills..
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• United States
4 Jan 08
there are many exercises you can do and there are many exercise programs that you can do as well. i think squats with dumbbells are a really good exercise
@elmiko (6635)
• United States
5 Jan 08
I did an exercise called Calf Raises and it did miracles for me in basketball. I was faster, jumped higher, and more explosive. The calf muscle is stubborn because its the muscle your constantly walking or running with. Thats why you may need to train it more often. Squats are good but I think Calf Raises are much better for basketball specificly.
• Philippines
19 Oct 10
Make your legs bigger than normal, I mean bigger that you body proportion. With this you can run a lot faster and would surely improve your skills. I think anybody can see this from Dwane Wade or Allen Iverson, or even Lebron James.
@olrayt (38)
• Philippines
19 Jan 08
calf raises (to jump higher) jogging (to improve your running game) jumping rope (to increase stamina) weight training (so you won't get pushed around) practise (so you know how to use th skills learned above)
• Malaysia
31 Dec 07
hi . are you talking about basketball. I like football.