Do you have any wasteful habits?

December 31, 2007 3:27pm CST
I realized the other day that I leave the water running while I'm brushing my teeth. I also have a habit of leaving the light on in my room even though I'm not in it for a while. Do you guys have any bad habits that you want to change?
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@scheng1 (24710)
• Singapore
18 Mar 09
Relax, there are wastage everywhere. Even in a manufacturing plant, wastage occurs everywhere. Sometimes the factory hires too many people, those technicians that waste 80% of the time watching the fully automated plant and waiting for breakdown to occur. Then there are all the time wasted in the traffic jam. Time wasted waiting for bus or train. Especially in the morning rush to work, hate to think that I wake up so early just to waste time in the traffic jam. Your wasteful habits are not that bad compared to all the time wasting on the road.
@lkbooi (16100)
• Malaysia
2 Jan 08
Though we understand that it is not good to wasteful habits we still couldn’t avoid having it due to carelessness or ignorance. For example we forget to turn off light or tap when we are not using them. Sometimes the wasteful habit could be due to wrong estimation when buying food which we might buy or order in too excessive amount until we couldn’t finish it. Things that we tend to waste include washing detergent, hand wash shampoo, shower cream etc.
• Pakistan
1 Jan 08
Yes I have the same two habbits that you mentioned :D plus I have a really bad habbit to leave the TV on when I leave my place :( .I hope I dont do it next time :).
@hotsatya (240)
• India
1 Jan 08
hey I have 2 wasteful habits first is when i irnoed on my clothes,during the ironing i waste electricity much, 2 is i m do work slowly, but I tried to remove this habit