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@men82in (1270)
January 1, 2008 12:51am CST
Is there anyone who is familiar with the SQL Server? We use SQL Server as the backend for our projects and it is very helpful for us. Though we do not have administrator access to update or insert through SQL server, we have access to view data, create procedures,etc. It is really interesting to work through SQL server as it gives you a feeling that you are somewhat a technical guy to handle through SQL server. How about you? Are you used to SQL servers?
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19 Feb 08
Yeah i am a software developer in .net technology. In our project we are using both Sql Server and Oracle database for backend to meet the different requirements from different clients. Definitely if you have some good knowledge of working with Sql Server apart from your core requirement you will feel better. I have to do a lot of thinks in database starting from procedure (or function or cursor or trigger) creation to session state handling, error handling,event loging and lot more. Definitely we can do a lot of things in Sql Server database. Sql Server 2005 has provided a larger variety of features as compare to the prior version of Sql server. Every developer who are working with Sql server should know the basic functionality or useful features as provided by the Sql Server.
• Serbia And Montenegro
2 Jan 08
SQL Server is one of the best of its class. I have managed and used SQL server for many years and have seen its development since the beginning. Really powerful!!! Have used it also as a backend for some provisioning Servers which are now being used in some CATV networks in my Country. If you need some tools to access your SQL remotely just send me a PM and I'll organize something.
• Indonesia
1 Jan 08
Me ^^ I Think SQL is best for Database.. Of course SQL used for web with php language like forum, cms, etc.