amazing seaweed benefits

United States
January 1, 2008 8:09pm CST
I have tried many different skin beauty products, as out of all of them, "Seaweed & Aloe Vera Gel" is the very best of the batch, along with it being superb for even oily, sensitive skin. When I was on a cruise a few years ago, each time I basked in the salty sea waters on board ship's swimming pool; on the beach; etc., I noticed my skin becoming extra soft, smooth, and any pimples being eradicated. This works well in smoothing out any fine facial lines, as the key to beautiful, radiant skin is to keep it moisturized, but at same token, not to have oily ingredients clogging up skin pores and causing blemishes. I also noticed I had much smaller pores when using this product, so thought I would pass this beauty secret onto others. It is so frustrating to spend lots of money buying these well-known name-brand beauty skin gels and creams, only to find they may diminish facial lines to a certain extent, but then acne arises out of it. I got a big jar of this "Seaweed & Aloe Vera Gel", as it nourishes my skin from sea proteins, while I get way more product for the buck, compared to many others in department stores; etc. Gels work better than creams, since unlike most creams just sitting on top layer of skin, gels penetrate way more, which adds many benefits to a person's skin regime. Here's a Website to view photo in more detail, along with exact ingredients in this beauty gel: Like ad says, become "Sea Beautiful" and start your New Year off right! Happy New Year!
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