From out of the blue

United States
January 1, 2008 11:16pm CST
Thoughts about this man I worked for briefly came into my mind and wouldn't stop. Why am I thinking about this man I'll just dub as "crazy." I walked off the job because of his question, "Can't you handle this?" He was out somewhere and called the office. He asked me to fax him some papers from a file. First I had to find the file because the papers weren't in the file he said they'd be in. Then he wanted me to go to another file for other papers. I had two files opened with papers. I got anxious about getting the right papers back with the right files. I started feeling overwhelmed, plus I was working on another deadline. He was right. I couldn't handle it. It's the way he said it -- as though I were an incompetent fool. I took the low road and walked off the job, leaving the opened file mess on the desk. This happened in 2002. Why am I thinking about the crazy guy and this incident five years later?????
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