Drinking 8 Glass of Water Doesn't Guarantee Good Health!!!!

@janejaa (412)
January 2, 2008 12:30am CST
I've come across an article at BBC. It says American University Indiana have conducted different researches. They say there is no proof in science that shows drinking 8 glass of water keeps us healthy. They further say drinking much water can create health complications but as far as I'm concerned I've read so several times and heard so many doctors that drinking much water is very beneficial for health. 'Im in a fix now what to do... What is you opinion????
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@eyewitness (1577)
• Netherlands
2 Jan 08
I have heard that a while ago too.However drinking 8 glasses of water a day doesn't mean it has to be pure water (that's what i heard).If you drink green tea that's already filled with lots of water with a taste.In lemonade there's too a lot of water in it. So you drink maybe 3 glasses tea a day maybe some lemonade and then some pure water.Than you have 8 glasses of water a day too.
@janejaa (412)
• Pakistan
3 Jan 08
Thanks for you comments but I'm not yet satisfied yet.