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January 2, 2008 1:50am CST
i use my book marks for my bible do you have a book mark for your books or the bible they are great to have so you dont loose te page let me know your thoughts about book marks
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• India
2 Jan 08
Hellow friend so interesting topic it seems, book mark. yes you are right book mark are simple but effective tool, i use to read story books, probably if i forget to leave any book mark, i will get confused, and have to go through full book again...........
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• Australia
2 Jan 08
hi there santhosh14 yes i get confused if i don't have a book mark too i am glad they are out there and we can remember where we are up too thanks for responding and happy postingss
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@secretbear (19460)
• Philippines
2 Jan 08
I also use bookmarks when I'm reading a book. my bookmarks are usually printed with cute stuffs like my favorite anime characters or anything colorful. ^__^ I use bookmarks when I'm reading a thick which I know I can't finish on one sitting. ^__^ but if i'm determined to finish a book, there's no need for me to use a bookmark.
• Australia
2 Jan 08
hi there secretbear yes book marks are pretty good and its good too when you use your book mark you can put the book mark on the words so you don't loose where you are thanks for your response and god bless you have a great day
@mamakat (321)
• United States
30 Jan 08
I always use a bookmark now. The one I'm using at the moment is one I got from church that has all the books of the Bible on it. When I was in school (middle and high school) I went through a phase where I was totally addicted to bookmarks. Every time we went to the bookstore I *had* to get a new one. I ended up making a pretty large collection for myself. Most of them had to have pictures of cats since I've always been a cat lover too.
@youless (104260)
• Guangzhou, China
4 Jan 08
I don't book mark books. I usually juse fold the page I read and that's all.
@Rozie37 (15499)
• Turkmenistan
2 Jan 08
I have tons of book markers, as I am an avid reader. The problem is, I can't keep up with them. I will just grab whatever is near and stick it in the book. If the book belongs to me, I will dog ear the pages. But lately, I have been getting books from the library, so I can not dog ear. I have used reciepts, photographs, scratch paper, I think one I even stuck a Q-tip between the pages, LOL. As for my Bible, thank God, it comes with it's own book marker. Although, there have been times when I will need to hold more than one page at a time, that's when I just grab anything that will work.