A special place

@piatos03 (395)
January 2, 2008 6:53am CST
Do any of you have a special place of your own? A sanctuary. Something that's only yours. A place you would only share with someone really special. A place where you could just be yourself, without anyone judging you or expecting you to be something other than what you are. It could be anywhere in the world. I used to have this one special place. It was on the roof of my former dorm. No one went up there. The top floor was rumored to have been haunted. But I wasn't scared. I'd stay up there till the wee hours of the morning, sitting on one of the ledges overlooking the highway and the university. It gave me an opportunity to think about my life in general, the things I want to do and the people I care about.
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• Indonesia
2 Jan 08
i never have special place. in my mind world is actualy same. this place make me happy everyday
@piatos03 (395)
• Philippines
2 Jan 08
But don't you feel like it gets a little too stuffy sometimes and you need some breathing room?
@mjweed21 (693)
• Philippines
18 Jan 08
Yes, its my room. It is the only place that I can shut myself away from this world. When I'm bored I just grab a book and read till the wee hours.
@artemis432 (7474)
• Abernathy, Texas
14 Jan 08
Great topic - I actually did a post much like this one a few months ago. Not a physical place, I've moved around too much but I'd have to say what stays constant is my mind. I can go into my dreamer's world at any time and find sanctuary in cool, green woods, or in a beautiful energy efficient, off the grid home, in the world of my mind. Its like meditation. Guided imagery. Vividly imagining my forest, the sight, smell, sound and even taste. Helps when stressed.