Well happy New Years everyone

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January 2, 2008 11:30am CST
hope you've made some nifty resolutions so you'll have something to occuppy you for the next few days. Have fun breaking them.Surround yourself with numbers so things will feel more stable- like you have a hold on something. What are you doing, honey? The calender can't save you. A lot of things have happpenedlately. Things you probably wouldn't care to know & if you do you probably just want to spread information that has nothing to do with you because you simply want entertainment from people who actually try their best to create some type f life for themselves. That's what television is for. Go rot whats left of the brain cells you have and leave us to our own self destruction. That is what we are. Self destructive. Everyone is. I don't care who you are or who you think you are. No title you've created can take away from what you've actually made of yourself, really. We all have our special ways of destroying ourselves. Do you want to know why the seasons are no longer definite? Find a mirror. Have you ever stopped to wonder if god is merely a child in a kindergarden classroom with a special project to show his mother in the afternoon? No but not because you know the world is too complex. There's another reason behind it. It's freezing outside. I'll create a color one day. Not really but its a nice thought, isn't it? My friends have been discussing mental blockage. Maybe it's just visual blockage. I'd like to see a brand new color. They want to know if we're really who we think we are. if we're not just something someone has made up or if the people around you are a vision of your own making. Maybe you can succesfully talk to yourself after all. Could be a nice thought. Though if that were true, would there ever be lonliness? Do you find no comfort in yourself? It's nothing I like to waste time thinking on. I know these people are real because I couldn't dream up this much betrayal. That's a seperate being. I have nothing to do with that. Let's see how cliche' you can get. Why do you bother reading this? Tell me your thoughts on the subject.
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3 Jan 08