Resolutions...Do you make them?

United States
January 3, 2008 12:04am CST
I've never been one for making New Year's resolutions because I don't like to make commitments I'm not sure I can keep. The way I see it is that there are enough things in life to set us up to fail so why should I set myself up. Now, that doesn't mean I don't set goals for myself and work toward them. I just don't make a bunch of resolutions simply because it's a new year. However, this year I've made somewhat of an exception. I actually made a resolution. But this is a resolution I look forward to keeping. My resolution is to get to know my Heavenly Father better. After all, it is only to my benefit to know God as well as I can so this is one resolution I'm excited to keep. What about you?
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@vanities (11409)
• Davao, Philippines
4 Jan 08
Thats a very reasonable and good resolution youve decided to keep and try!! when im still single and young i used to have one always every year ..but when i grow matured and married all i do every new year is to give thanks to God that i have reached this year and have good health and just pray for good health for every member of the family and unity..
@twoey68 (13651)
• United States
3 Jan 08
I make resolutions...sort of. I more think of what I want to change or improve in my life and then work on it through the year. Like this year I want to cut back processed foods and fast food. I'm not going to hang myself if I have a take out burger but I am going to try to cut back on stuff like that. I think some ppl set themselves up for a fall by making too hard of resolutions. **AT PEACE WITHIN** ~~STAND STRONG IN YOUR BELIEFS~~
• United States
3 Jan 08
I'm not a New Year's Resolution maker either. I never keep them or if I do I don't keep them for any length of time. If I make a change, it is a slow change that happens with out me really realizing it. Change for me is like an evolution, a slow evolving into a new way of being.
@raijin (10371)
• Philippines
3 Jan 08
I am the same as you, I prefer free-living, I don't want to bind myself on something that'll only keep me from having fun and enjoying life. If ever there's something that I want to change, I just do my best in any time and not because there's a reason to do it so. Many times, I tend to break such promises, to myself and for others as well. So I decided to just keep some, if there's something I want to change for myself and not because there's an occassion.