Are you in a bad relationship

United States
January 3, 2008 12:50pm CST
I am i have been living with this women for about 2 years.I honestly think she is bipolar.I do love her but lately she is getting worse.WE have not been intimet in about 5 months.WE dont even sleep in the same bed anymore.I caught her 4 months ago chatting with another guy online.OF course she lied at first then she said yes she was.There is alot more but i dont want to bore you.SO please tell me your stories or some advice on how you saved your relationships.
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@sabahking (416)
16 Jul 08
i have bad relationship with girlfriends also.but the most important things is we must honest with each other and try to tolenrate each other.If not very hard to continue the relationship! So is better honest to your other part and try to ask the problem and solve each other.
@carolbee (16231)
• United States
3 Jan 08
I've been happily married for over 38 years. Have you two together tried counseling? If testing is done and she is bi-polar there are medications out there that will help considerably. If the relationship is worth salvaging, I would suggest either or both. Good luck to you.
@aries_0325 (3062)
• Philippines
3 Jan 08
No, I am not in a bad relationship. For being married for 12 years, I am always have a happy family and relationship with my wife and to all people surround me.