January 3, 2008 2:53pm CST
Does anyone else watch this show? I can't get enough of it! I love Stephen Fry anyway, he's so funny and insanely intelligent. It's a show for anyone that likes useless knowledge! I tend to watch it and repeatedly say, "I didn't know that!" Last night I found out that the number of the beast isn't in fact "666"; it's "616". There was a misprint or a mistranslation and an earlier scroll provided the evidence. Has anyone else learned anything "quite interesting"?
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@raydene (9874)
• United States
4 Jan 08
I don't get it here but it sounds interesting.. I would most likely watch it if I could.. xoxoxo
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4 Jan 08
It's a shame! I hope it comes on where you are or you can find it online perhaps. It's fascinating and hilarious at the same time! Are you familiar with Stephen Fry anyway? You might have seen his portrayal of Oscar Wilde in "Wilde". Not many laughs in that one though! xxxx
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2 Nov 10
I love it too, it's just unbelievable how much useless information I've gained from that and how often you can use it in casual conversation. I have been enlightened by Stephen Fry into the whole world of general ignorance its amazing!
3 Nov 10
It's like every time someone mentions "666" being the number of the beast. Either my partner or I will immediately say actually it was a mistranslation and it's supposed to be "616". I have to catch myself to stop myself!
4 Nov 10
I know and when anyone ever mentions berries, I try not to go on a long explanation as to why bananas are berries and why most berry named fruits are infact not berries =D
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7 Nov 10
*lol* You sound just like my partner and I!
@Asylum (48107)
• Manchester, England
20 Oct 12
Yes, I am a great fan of QI. The real attraction is that it concentrates on obscure facts, so you are certain to encounter something that you did not already know. I saw the episode that you are referring to in which the number of the beast was mentioned. It is quite surprising that something like that was not a more common snippet of information.
@Torunn (4313)
• Norway
8 Apr 12
Watching it right now :-) And finding it so interesting that I search for 5 years old discussions :-) We get reruns here, a friend of mine is down-loading the new series. I consider doing it, 'cause I've already seen all the ones they send now. Stephen Fry is really very good. I'm glad my English is good enough to see it without the sub-titles though, because many of the jokes really can't be translated.