The Ending Of the Movie I am Legend

United States
January 3, 2008 4:37pm CST
My husband and I are Will Smith fans and have followed his career since the sitcom The Price Of Belair. We recently went to see his new movie I Am Legend. For those of you who haven't seen it yet I will keep this brief and not spoil it for you. It is an apocalyptic action film.Lots of adrenalin pumping scenes. Even though Will Smith was great as always the ending left us wanting more. We felt cut off with the women making it to the settlement and just handing them a vial.Did anyone else feel this way?If you did what do you think could have made the ending better? If you like the ending why? And how did it make you feel? Please forgive me if I gave away too much of the ending. debbie97420
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• Italy
4 Jan 08
i suggest you to see a movie called "The last man on earth"filmed in Rome with Vincent Price,taken by the same novel,then you can see how "I am legend"is nothing compared to it.
@BooZzZ (139)
• Netherlands
10 Jan 08
Hmm, I don't think you can really compare those movies.. they both have their own qualities.
@starr4all (2865)
22 Apr 08
I agree. Last man on earth follows the book more closely than this newer one. I like will smith but I don't think this movie did the book any justice.
@Postrock (273)
• Italy
13 Jan 08
Pretty good movie, but it surealy has its flaws. Showing the infected in CGI wasnt a good choice in my opinion. As of the ending i surely would have liked some more to it, but it was ok in this context, maybe a bit predictable but ok. What i liek about the movie is that its actually quite dramatic, but i'm sure it could have been a lot more with a few touches here and there. I felt so bad for the dog, and also for him in a few scenes. I really want to read the book, even if it seems as the infected are there characterized as vampires, who suffer from garlic and such. I'm also curious to see "the last man on earth".