Do you think the Ps3 price is worth it??

United States
January 3, 2008 4:40pm CST
I do: Blu Ray, Free online gaming, Exclusive games.... that alone is worth the price
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19 Apr 08
I would love to get one mainly the way that you can connect a psp to it.
@figjam00 (1450)
• India
17 Apr 08
noop I think they should drop PS3's price a bit. I know PS3 is very powerful machine but it shoould be affordable for the masses. Unless Sony drops PS3's price their popularity may decline.
@xtedaxcvg (3190)
• Philippines
17 Apr 08
Well, I don't think it offers free online gaming since you have to plug it into your ISP and configure it. But I do think that the graphics are intense. I once heard a story where a friend of mine walked into another friend of mine's room and he saw Friend #1 watching a race show or something. Then Friend #2 suddenly paused the game and Friend #1 was amazed to find out that Friend #1 is just playing a racing game on his PS3. Awesome!